Welcome to the Nerevu Employee Handbook!

Your First Week at Nerevu

Ensure that you complete all of the following

Access your new email account

Login to Fastmail with the following information:

  • username: <YOUR_FIRST_INITIAL><YOUR_LAST_NAME>@nerevu.com, e.g., rcummings@nerevu.com

  • password: separately emailed to you

Change your password


Complete your Gusto profile

Follow the instructions contained in the email with the subject Let’s get you set up with Nerevu.

Complete Paperwork

  • Sign and return your Employment Agreement

  • Schedule a time for your orientation and ensure you have your passport (or drivers license and birth certificate) present for the meeting

  • Add a headshot image and a 1 paragraph biography to Dropbox

Schedule Weekly Review

AWS Help

By default, Nerevu Group’s EC2 instances are in the N. Virginia region. To get access to EC2 instances via SSH, go here.