Calendar Sync

Nerevu Group uses Fastmail Calendar to keep everyone up to date on events that are happening. This section will show you how to sync your existing calendars so that they update Fastmail. In general, there are two options for syncing with your teammates:

  1. Show them your events with the titles and all details (this is good for a "Work" calendar)
  2. Or show them an event block that just indicates that you are busy during that block (no details are shared - this is good for time blocks when you are busy but don't need to share details about why)

We will go over how to setup both of these syncs.

From Google Calendars

See this article on synchronizing Google Calendar with Fastmail here.

KeePass and Encrypted Volumes

KeePass is the Password Manager that Nerevu Group uses to keep usernames and passwords secure. Encrypted Volumes help us keep important files secure. Please follow the instructions to download both so that you can get access to the Nerevu Group KeePass Database.



  • open preferences/settings
  • click Security
  • check Lock Databases after inactivity of and set seconds to 43200. This is the maximum time a database can be open before automatically closing. Adding this setting helps us keep our data more secure.
  • uncheck Clear search query after

Encrypted Volume Configuration

KeePass Setup

  1. Add keyfile to your encrypted volume
  • download your .key keyfile (link will be given to you)
  • cut and paste the downloaded keyfile to your encrypted volume
  • make sure the keyfile does not exist anywhere else on your computer except in the encrypted volume (for security reasons)
  1. Open Nerevu Group KeePass Database
  • Open the KeePass app
  • Press Cancel if it tries to log into your personal database
  • In the menu bar, navigate to Database > Open database...
  • Navigate to the .kdbx password database in dropbox (link will be given to you) and press Open
  • Enter the password provided to you
  • Click Browse to navigate the keyfile stored in your encrypted volume
  • Click Ok
  1. You did it! You accessed the Nerevu Group KeePass Database! Now enjoy a few minutes of you time. You deserve it ;)