Making CKAN Live

Point your live URL to the correct DNS

  • Go to the AWS EC2 Dashboard.

  • Select your EC2 instance and copy the Public DNS URL. image-20200720113944879

  • On your hosting service, create a CNAME record with your live site URL. Point it to the Public DNS URL you just copied.

    • Example: CNAME

Point CKAN Config to your live URL

  • SSH into your CKAN EC2 instance.

  • Open the production.ini file and change the ckan.site_url variable.

    sudo nano /lib/ckan/default/src/ckan/production.ini
    ckan.site_url = {your_live_site}
    # example - ckan.site_url =
  • Restart your apache server

    sudo systemctl restart httpd

Configure HTTPS

Follow these instructions for setting up https.


After you have followed these instructions, you should see your CKAN instance running at your new live site. Check it out to make sure everything worked.