Basic Git Flow

When working with a Nerevu repository, it is important that you create your own branch for updates, fixes, or changes. When a change needs to be implemented, you simply commit and push your changes to your own branch and then submit a pull request to request merging your branch with origin. This prevents your changes from adversely affecting production code.

  1. Clone repository
git clone<REPO_NAME>.git
  1. Create your branch to add your fix/feature
git checkout -b <BRANCH_NAME>
  1. Prettify your code


manage prettify


npm run prettify
  1. Push your commits to Github and create a Pull Request
git commit -m "<COMMIT_MESSAGE>"
git push --set-upstream origin <BRANCH_NAME>

NOTE: As a general rule, don't merge code that purposefully raises errors and kills the application. Talk to Reuben about how to gracefully handle situations where you want to throw an error.

If master changes while you are fixing a pull request, rebase to master (please ask questions if you do not feel confident rebasing)

git fetch origin
git rebase origin/master

Fix conflicts and force push to YOUR BRANCH on Github.

git push -f origin <BRANCH_NAME>

Never force push anything to MASTER! If you feel you must, speak with Reuben in great detail first!