Project Management

Work Backlog

You can find issues that are being worked at the Nerevu Group Github Projects page. If you click on the project you are working on, you will find a Kanban Board with all the issues (some of them have milestones with due dates).

Kanban Board

When you start working on a new issue, ensure you immediately do the following to keep the Kanban Board up to date:

  1. Create a Pull Request (PR) and select what Project it belongs to. This automatically adds your PR to the In Progress column on the Kanban Board. The Assignees, Labels, and Milestone sections are only needed for issues (the issue needs Project as well.

  2. Go to the Kanban Board for the respective project and move the related issue from the To Do column to the In Progress column.

  3. Once done fixing the issue, rebase to squash the work into one commit git rebase -i and add the words (closes <ISSUE_NUMBER>) to the commit message. This will automatically close the corresponding issue once your PR gets merged.

  4. When your PR is merged into master, both the Issue and the PR in the Kanban Board will automatically move to the Done column.