New Projects

Create a new Project

Start new projects by following the steps in the README of a Nerevu Cookiecutter repo.

ENV file

A file for your environment variables.

  1. Create an env file in your Dropbox folder
touch Dropbox/Nerevu/Security/<YOUR_USERNAME>/<PROJECT_NAME>-env
  1. Navigate to your project directory
  1. Create a symbolic link from the env file to your new project
ln -s Dropbox/Nerevu/Security/<YOUR_USERNAME>/<PROJECT_NAME>-env .env


Let's say you create a new project called CashFlowAPI and your username is rcummings. You should create an env file named cashflow-api-env in the Nerevu Group Dropbox/Security/rcummings/ directory. You should then run ln -s Nerevu Group Dropbox/Security/rcummings/cashflowapi_env .env from the root folder of your new project (see this page to learn more about symbolic links).

We use python-dotenv to manage environment variables. Make sure you install this package into your new project so your environment variables get picked up by your application.

Python Requirements

You should set your python projects up with 3 different requirements files that contain references to the packages needed by the program.

  1. base-requirements.txt
    • Contains the necessary packages for most Nerevu APIs to run (you'll find examples of this in other repositories on GitHub).
  2. requirements.txt
    • Contains an import statement for the base-requirements.txt file.
    • Contains other necessary packages for the current project to run.
  3. dev-requirements.txt
    • Contains necessary and/or useful packages for developers working on the current project.