Recording Time

  • Don't dwell on something too long. Just move to a different task.


Timely uses the 2 general concepts to organize completed tasks: Projects and Tags. Projects can be generally grouped into two categories: Internal and Client.

  • Internal projects are assigned to the Nerevu client and is work that is not tied to a direct client, but is necessary to company operations (checking mail, meetings, general learning, etc.)
  • Client projects are assigned to an individual client, and is work that is directly related to a client project (developing features, reviewing code, etc.).

Similarly, Tags come in two categories: Billable and Non-Billable....

When inputting hours worked, tags should be applied to every task we do, whether internal or external, as well as a simple description of the work we did.

NOTE: When using the learning tag, the work is general in nature unrelated to a specific project (e.g., functional programming), please use the Internal project. However, if the learning is in relation to a specific project you are working on (e.g., Flask Admin), please use that client project instead of Internal.