Paying Vendors


  1. View outstanding payments to find the first unpaid journal entry
  2. Click the journal entry to see how much each vendor is owed
  3. Add payments in Gusto corresponding to journal entry (enter invoice # and use "<MONTH> payment" as the memo)
  4. Click "Continue", and then ensure Gusto total amount matches journal entry
  1. Total Funds Available
  2. Available Credit
  3. Savings


flowchart TB id5("Are #quot;Total Funds Available#quot; > payment total + $5,000?") id6("Is Savings + #quot;Total Funds Available#quot; > payment total + $5,000?") id7("Is Savings + #quot;Available Credit#quot; + #quot;Total Funds Available#quot; > payment total + $5,000?") pay[/complete Gusto payment\] savings[[transfer from savings]] loc[[transfer from savings and loc]] confirm[[wait for confirmation]] wait[[wait 1 day]] id5 -->|Yes| pay id5 -->|No | id6 id6 -->|Yes| savings id6 -->|No | id7 id7 -->|Yes| loc id7 -->|No | wait loc --> confirm savings --> confirm confirm --> id5 wait --> id5