Syncing Time


  1. Enter Timely time
  2. Load iMazing call history to date into Airtable CRM Calls table (format date as yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm)
  3. Add invoiced time to Airtable Other Calls table (AEC, Colette, and Lisa)
  4. Check invoice amounts (AEC, Colette, and Lisa)
  5. Check for untagged hours
  6. Check time report


  1. Add new people to Xero (Projects/Limited access), Staff, Project Team, and
  2. Add new inventory to Airtable Inventory, Xero Inventory, and project (or assign if already exists)
  3. Add new positions to
  4. Set their staff rates in Xero


  1. Restore Window Arrangement (nerevu-api)
  2. Authenticate Xero
  3. Authenticate Timely
  4. Sync time
bin/sync-data -v
bin/sync-time -v

5. If presented with "…not found in… cache. Select a mapping." error, match the resource's role with their "Inventory Name" in the Project Team table.

6. If exactly 100 events are added and/or patched. Repeated run the bin/sync-time -v command again until there are less than 100 added and patched events.

7. If you get a "User Not Found…" error, try resyncing the data bin/sync-data -v.

8. If you get a "… no duration" error, view the debug log to get the offending project ID. Open the "Report" tab of the project page and find the offending entry by sorting by "Logged Hours".


  1. Check for unbilled time (Timely and Airtable)
  2. Match staff times with code times with Timely times