Reuben Cummings

Reuben Cummings

Year End Accounting

Balance prepayments accounts 1. View report 2. Create journal entries

Determining Demographics for Publicly Traded Companies

Canadian Stock Exchange 1. Search the company name in SEDI

Reconciling Payroll

1. Recode wages so Client is "[Employees]" and

Google Suite

Enable 2FA Turn on 2-Step Verification - Computer - Google


Accounting 1. Sync time 2. Submit invoice 3. Once invoice

Resolving Unmatched Invoice Total

Invoicing CROO

Invoices 1. Make sure you are using the "Classic

Syncing Time

Entries 1. Enter Timely time 2. Load iMazing call history

Paying Vendors

Check 1. View outstanding payments and ensure the balance matches

Accessing AWS S3

1. Setup Two-step Login for Bitwarden 2. Install Mountainduck 3.