Reuben Cummings

Reuben Cummings


Accounting 1. Sync time 2. Submit invoice 3. Once invoice

Resolving Unmatched Invoice Total

Invoicing CROO

Invoices 1. Make sure you are using the "Classic View"

Syncing Time

Entries 1. Enter Timely time 2. Load iMazing call history

Paying Vendors

Check 1. View outstanding payments to find the first unpaid

Accessing AWS S3

1. Setup Two-step Login for Bitwarden 2. Install Mountainduck 3.

Setting up new employees

Contractors 1. Add them to Bitwarden 2. Create a new

Accessing AWS EC2

Note: These instructions work for Amazon Linux 2 AMIs by

Windows System Setup

Build tools MISSING Required software Python 3 Installation MISSING Configuration


VS Code In VS Code, you can create a launch.